The 10th International Workshop on

Privacy and Anonymity in the Information Society (PAIS)

November 18, 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana (U.S.A.)

Collocated with ICDM 2017

Program and Accepted Papers
1:00 - 1:10: Opening
1:10 - 2:30: Invited Talk
    ·  Dejing Dou. Deep Learning and Privacy Preserving in a Health Social Network
2:30 - 3:00: Paper Presentation
   · Josep Domingo-Ferrer and Jordi Soria-Comas. Steered Microaggregation: A Unified Primitive for Anonymization of Data Sets and Data Streams
3:00 - 3:15: Coffee Break
3:15 - 4:45: Paper Presentations
   · Ata Turk, Mayank Varia, and Georgios Kellaris. Revealing the Unseen: Exposing Cloud Usage While Protecting User Privacy
   · Takuma Nakagawa, Hiromi Arai, and Hiroshi Nakagawa. Personalized Anonymization for Set-Valued Data by Partial Suppression
   · Aida Calviño, Palmira Aldeguer, and Josep Domingo-Ferrer. Factor Analysis for Anonymization
4:45 - 5:30: Panel Paper
   · Alfredo Cuzzocrea. Privacy-Preserving Big Data Stream Mining: Opportunities, Challenges, Directions
5:30: Closing